Episode 049 --(release date 01/16/19) In our forty-ninth episode of the podcast Eric and Ted welcome a new co-host, Dan. There is discussion about POTUS rights under a State of Emergency, Chinese moon landing, and what each guy considers to be a "must read" book. (NOTE: There was some technical issues and the audio quality is less than stellar). There is no Prep School segment this episode due to the abbreviated run time. (End song "20th Century Man" by the Beat Farmers, copyright 1990 Curb Records)


Episode 048 --(release date 06/11/18) In our forty-eighth episode of the podcast the guys discuss censorship at the art gallery, weird sounds coming from China, and SCOTUS. The "Prep School" features bug out bags. (End song "Call to Arms" by Theocracy, copyright 2016 Ulterium Records)


Episode 047 --(release date 05/15/18)  Our forty-seventh episode is a little longer than usual, but very engaging.
It all started when Ted stumbled on an article online.......you'll have to listen to find out what rabbit hole the guys stumbled into! Our emergency preparedness feature "Prep School" returns with a discussion about generators.  End song "Ready if it Goes There" by Madison Rising, copyright 2013 Purple Eagle Entertainment)


Episode 046 --(release date 04/30/18)  TED RETURNS!  Eric must not have scared him off. In our forty-sixth episode, Eric and Ted discuss "clean meat" and cannibalism, Fourth Amendment violations, and pending SCOTUS cases....quite the variety...wouldn't you say?  This episode is both interesting and educational.  They also expose what the next episode is going to be about.  (Leaking like a Comey!)  (Intro and break music "Fever" by Stereo MCs, copyright 1993 4th & Bway.  End song "Revolution Calling" by Queensryche, copyright 1988 EMI-Manahattan)


Episode 045 --(release date 03/11/18)  We're Back! In our forty-fifth episode we introduce our new co-host, TED! Eric & Ted talk about warantless gun confiscation, how pro-gun organization membership is on the rise, and some prepping basics. (End song "America the Great" by Charley Pride, copyright 2011 Music City Records.)


Episode 044 --(release date 11/26/16) In our forty-fourth episode, our special ELECTION 2016 EPISODE...Eric & special guest co-host "Mrs. Eric" discuss the recent presidential election and its implications and over tones. This episode also includes a "Prep School" episode about raising backyard chickens.. Introductory rant by Johnathan Pine, copyright 2016 (link in Show Notes).  (Song "Beaten Generation" by theThe, copyright 1989, 2001 Sony Music)


Episode 043 --(release date 06/19/16) It's the forty-third episode, featuring our second interview with vocalist extraordinaire DAVE BRAY about his new musical ventures and apparel line. Also featuring Dave Bray USA's new song, "Last Call" which honors our fallen police officers.  Eric presents the second annual "Reading List for the Politically Saavy". (song "Last Call" by Dave Bray USA used with permission)


Episode 042 --(release date 04/24/16) We are back...In our forty-second episode Eric has a guest cohost...MRS ERIC!!  It's the "Government Overreach" episode.  In this episode they discuss the government's hand reaching into school lunches, CAFE (mileage standards), and harrassing farmers. Wait until you hear about Minnie the Cow!!  There is no Prep School episode this time......sorry   (end song "In the Middle of the Land" by Hoodoo Gurus, ©1987, Big Time)


Episode 041 --(release date 12/30/15) In our fourty-first episode.  Eric talks about government waste, female army rangers, and auditing the Fed. In this MEGA-EPISODE, Eric interviews Dave Bray, lead singer and front man for Madison Rising...America's Most Patriotic Rock Band.  The Prep School segment also returns!  This is definitely an episode worth your time! (featuring the music of Madison Rising. "Star Spangled Banner","Soldier's Christmas",and "Ready If It Goes There". All copyright Purple Eagle, used with permission).


Episode 040 --(release date 11/28/15) In our fortieth episode Eric talks about Planned Parenthood, the million student march, and the government shutting down cell phones .   The main topic for this episode is how the office of President has changed since the founding of the nation.  (end song "Working John, Working Joe" by Jethro Tull, ©1980, Chrysalis)