Episode 029 --(release date 5/21/13) In our twenty-ninth episode the guys talk about cyber-theft legislation, 3D printed guns, and the IRS scandal. They discuss the Twenty-Third Amendment of the US Constitution. Unfortunately, there is no "Prep School" segment this episode. WARNING some explicit language.. (end song "I'm Free" by the Who, ©1969, Polydor)


Episode 028 --(release date 4/29/13) In our twenty-eighth episode the guys talk about Nanny Bloomberg's Boston stupidity, why Ft. Hood victims won't get Purple Hearts, and GE Capital's Second Amendment manipulation. They discuss the Twenty-Second Amendment of the US Constitution. We have a special guest, Marlene. Learn how to make wax shotgun shells in Prep School. WARNING some explicit language.. (end song "Here's to You, Mr. Jefferson" by the Mike Church Show Band, ©2009,video can be found at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CLAg8a0vCZQ. Opening segment, "Rip Taylor is god", from the Bloodhound Gang album "Use Your Fingers", 1995 Cheese Factory Records)


Episode 027 --(release date 3/24/13) In our twenty-seventh episode the guys talk about renegade nuns, guilt-laden crooks, and how your children are being indoctrinated. They discuss the Twentieth Amendment of the US Constitution. Prep School will return next episode. (end song "Non-State Actor" by Soundgarden, ©2012, Seven Four Entertainment)


Episode 026 --(release date 3/3/13) In our twenty-sixth episode the guys talk about the "Sequestor", Gun manufacturers that are fighting back, and Illinois' right to carry law. They discuss the Nineteenth Amendment of the US Constitution. Learn how the banks are manipulating gold prices in Prep school.
(end song "Extraordinary" by Liz Phair, ©2003, Capitol Records)


Episode 025 --(release date 2/11/13) In our twenty-fifth episode Eric and Mike discuss voter fraud, Generation Y, and Stephen Chu's resignation. They review the Eighteenth and Twenty-First Amendments of the US Constitution. Learn how to "cure" and "age" in Prep school.
(end song "Drink Beer (Till the Day That I Die)" by Dazie Mae, ©2009, released under Creative Commons)


Episode 024 --(release date 1/27/13) In our twenty-fourth episode Eric and Mike talk about 3-D printed guns, government smart phones, and unconstitutionality of Obama appointments. They review the Seventeenth Amendment of the US Constitution. There is no Prep School segment this episode.
(end song "Mob Rules" by Black Sabbath, ©1990 Warner Bros. Records)


Episode 023 --(release date 1/13/13) In our twenty-third episode Eric and Mike re-visit employers demanding employee passwords, discuss energy subsidies and address Obama donor/tax cheats. They go over the Fifteen and Sixteenth Amendments of the US Constitution. Mike pimps EOTech in "Prep School".
(end song "Carnival World" by Jimmy Buffet, ©1989 MCA Records)


Episode 022 --(release date 12/29/12) End of the world episode!... In our twenty-second episode the guys discuss the Newton, CT and the liberal response by attacking the Second Amendment; fromer major Hasan's beard, and how to know if the excrement is hitting the oscillator. They also cover the Fourteenth Amendment of the US Constitution. Prep School was done "off the cuff." Definitely an intense episode. You owe it to yourself to listen. (NOTE: some uncensored adult language)
(end song "Dear Mr. Man" by Prince, ©2004 NPG/Columbia Records)


Episode 021 --(release date 10/29/12) WOW..What an episode!! In our twenty-first episode the BLEEP button gets a workout as the guys discuss the Presidential debates; over the top political correctness (You won't believe how far some people take it); and of course, failed green energy initiatives. They also cover the Thirteenth Amendment of the US Constitution. Prep School was pre-empted to allow more time for election discussion. One of our more amusing episodes to date!
(end song "Patriot Girl" by Dee Rock, ©2010 Dee Rock, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NaOpHR4-9d4)


Episode 020 --(release date 10/15/12) Special suprise treat at the beginning! In our twentieth episode the guys discuss entitlements, the Presidential and Vice Presidential debates, and terrorism. They also cover Amendments XI and XII of the US Constitution. The Prep School segment offers insight into emergency home heating.
(end song [a loving tribute to lib-tards everywhere] "Kiss My Ass" by Ted Nugent, ©1995 Atlantic Records)