Episode 019 --(release date 08/14/12) In our nineteenth episode the guys discuss government as "Big Brother", fallen czars, the Sands, and Obama job creation. They also cover Articles VI and VII of the US Constitution. The Prep School segment offers a well-rounded high level view of prepping. This episode is full of surprises.
(end song "Throw the Bums Out" by Ray Stevens, ©2010 Ray Stevens, RayStevens.com )


Episode 018 --(release date 07/31/12) In our eighteenth episode the guys chit-chat about solar failures, how deep the Holder rabbit hole actually goes, and how lame the computer security of our government offices really is. The guys cover Article V of the US Constitution. The Prep School segment covers fire making.
A well-rounded show, wouldn't you say?
(end song "This Ain't No Rag, It's a Flag" by Charlie Daniels, ©2003, Koch Records)
(special ending excerpt from Exotic Liability Episode 85, July 2, 2012. Used with permission. Check out their site. EL podcast contains explicit language.)


Episode 017 --(release date 07/17/12) In the seventeenth episode there is discussion of politician foreign bank accounts, the UN Gun Treaty, and our Fearless Leader usurping more liberties from the masses. The guys quickly cover Article IV of the US Constitution. The Prep School segment discusses weapons caches.
(end song "Ol Glory" by LetricKramer Band, ©2012, used with permission. Check it out here)


Episode 016 --(release date 06/26/12) In our sixteenth episode, The guys discuss the Occupiers, Fast and Furious, UK health care, and the UN. They also discuss Article III. There is no Prep School lesson due to the immense amount of breaking news.
(end song "Black Robes and Lawyers" by William Micheal Dillon, ©2011, Flying Free Productions LLC)


Episode 015 --(release date 06/03/12) In our fifteenth episode, Mike returns and the guys discuss the Scott Walker recall, requested rights for Arab-Americans, Obama's "kill list", and much more. They also discuss the last few sections of Article II. The Prep School lesson is about keeping pests out of your garden naturally and safely.
(end song "Before the Hyphens Came" by Madison Rising, recorded live in Jan 2012, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hobGkobU68k)


Episode 014 --(release date 05/20/12) In our 14th episode, Mike is on hiatus so "Mrs. Eric" sits in as co-host once more. In the news, we have Romney leading economy polls, guns sales are up, and Pelosi helps Holder obstruct justice. They also discuss Section one of Article II. Unfortunately there is no Prep School segment in Mike's absence.
(end song "Only in America" by Brooks & Dunn, ©2001 Arista Nashville)


Episode 013 --(release date 04/30/12) In our 13th episode, Mike is under the weather so "Mrs. Eric" sits in as co-host. Discussion involves Marine dismissed for anti-Obama facebook activity, PFC Bradley Manning, and the EPA's recommendations for crucifying oil companies.They also discuss Sections nine and ten of Article I. Unfortunately there is no Prep School segment in Mike's absence.
(end song "God Bless America Trilogy" traditional arranged by Brandon Birch, released 2011 under Creative Commons License, available at: http://www.usa-patriotism.com/music/lp/burch_b01.htm)


Episode 012 --(release date 03/26/12) In our twelth episode, Eric & Mike discuss current Executive Orders from Chairman Mau-bama, more broken voting systems, martial law (coming to a town near you!), and useless solar programs. They also discuss the enumerated powers from section eight of Article I. The Prep School lesson is about jerky (yep...that's right, the "tasty snack").
(end song "That Ain't My America" by Lynyrd Skynyrd, ©2009 Roadrunner Records)


Episode 011 --(release date 03/06/12) State coinage, national computer defense, and the Copenhagen Post. The sixth and seventh sections of Article I of the Constitution. We cover first aid in the Prep School segment.
(end song "These Colours Don't Run" by Iron Maiden, ©2006 Iron Maiden Holdings)


Episode 010 --(release date 02/20/12) Current political discourse. The first five sections of Article I of the Constitution. The importance of hygiene in the Prep School.
(end song "In America" by Charlie Daniels Band, ©1980 Epic Records)