Episode 009 --(release date 02/06/12) OPEN Act, ACTA, and the Preamble! Our first special guest talks about the evils of ObamaCare. The guys talk firearms in the Prep School segment. (end song "Fightin' Side of Me" by Merle Haggard, ©1999 BMG Records)


Episode 008 --(release date 01/23/12) Smart card compromise, wacky voting machines, the 9th & 10 Amendments! The guys get "sharp" in the Prep School segment.
(end song "If You Love That Politician Pull the Chain" by Tom Paxton, ©1985 Flying Fish Records)


Episode 007 --(release date 01/9/12) F-15s, union wasting money, the 8th Amendment, and getting fit for the new year in "Prep School".
(end song "Election Year Rag" by Steve Goodman, ©1972 Buddah Records)


Episode 006 --(release date 12/19/11) News about fear of big government, more on the NDAA, the 7th Amendment, and an all new "Prep School" segment
(end song "Christmas in the Country" by Mike Ridley, ©1996 Keweneh Music)


Episode 005 – (release date 12/05/11) NDAA discussion, the Sixth Amendment, Due Process...”Prep School" addresses water storage and sanitization.
(end song “Authority Song” by John Mellencamp, ©1983 The Island Def Jam Music Group)


Episode 004 – (release date 11/20/11) Occupy news, the Fifth Amendment, Miranda rights...”Prep School" talks about emergency lighting
(end song "Obama Budget Plan" by Ray Stevens, ©2011 Ray Stevens, RayStevens.com)


Episode 003 -- (release date 11/06/11) News, Third and Fourth Amendments...and our new segment...."Prep School"
(end song "Stormtroopin" by Ted Nugent, ©1975 epic records)


Episode 002 -- (release date 10/22/11) News, views, and The Second Amendment
(end song "Keep the Change" by Hank Williams, Jr. ©2011 hankjr.com)


Episode 001 -- (release date 10/10/11) Where it all begins. Introductions and the First Amendment
(end song "Working Man's Dollar" by Chris LaDoux, ©Capital Records)
NOTE: some explicit language